About the Author

Rhi Alyxander

Writer, Educator, Ranter

Rhi Alyxander (pronounced “rye” like the bread) is an educator, writer, and aspiring rabble-rouser based in Oakland, California.

The daughter of a same-sex couple raised in the peak of the 90s Culture War, Rhi has been ranting about politics since she was old enough to realize her existence was a political statement. She was 5.

Over the years, she has found it difficult to communicate and share her Progressive Rage. Pacifists don’t like her assassination jokes. Social Conservatives don’t like hearing that their uninformed opinions are still racist and sexist even if they’re too stupid to realize it. Americans in general don’t like having to think. As such, she created this site in 2016 as a safe place for her to share her opinions.

When she is not writing for Rhi Hates Everything, Rhi enjoys reading history, watching reality television, and healthy cooking.